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Web Development - You need to communicate with your customers and prospects and today there are more ways than ever to reach them. Digital media like websites, email, social media and search engines are critical. Development around solid design, professional writing and an innovative and effective plan is our specialty.

Product Innovation & Ideas - Often times the problems that are hardest to solve are those to which you are the closest. You are "inside the box" and once there it is extremely difficult to get outside of it. We can be your catalyst for change and help you solve the vexing problem that will supercharge your growth trajectory and positively impact your bottom line.

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    TheHoneymoon.com was the first fully automated, online honeymoon registry. The website is actually a robust, role-based content management system, which allows other individuals with their respective permissions to create/edit content on the website. Content creators may consist of consumers (engaged couples), travel agents, hotel/resort partners, packaged travel & tour operators & media partners. The honeymoon gift registry is a full-blown e-commerce application with shopping cart, checkout and customer communication functionality.
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    MySeatFinder is a service designed for the business traveler, aka Frequent Flyers. It is now out of its beta phase of development and is actively building a customer base. For this project we created a user interface (UI) to replace the beta UI that was used during the application development phase. We continue to work on this website in the capacity of search engine optimization, user experience and UI consulting.
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    Hyatt Gift Registry - www.hyattregistry.com

    Hyatt wanted to create a gift registry around the travel experience. Using TheHoneymoon.com's honeymoon registry website as a prototype, we wrapped Hyatt's identity around the registry application to create this travel & honeymoon registry.
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    Flavors of Italia

    Carrousel Travel / American Express is a large travel agency in Minneapolis with strengths in a variety of international travel niches. This website is focused on the luxury segment of traveler who is looking for a unique, hosted experience in Italy, including a personal chef and concierge. The objective of the website is to promote this expertise and to generate leads via search engine traffic.
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    Hyatt Wish List - www.hyattwishlist.com

    HyattWishList.com is virtually identical to HyattRegistry.com because they share the same framework and database. It is essentially a private label version of HyattRegistry.com. Although much is shared, like the database, reporting is broken down by each site so that Hyatt can monitor important metrics.
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    Teaporium.com is a retail e-commerce website selling tea and tea accessories. Project included development of e-commerce website with shopping cart along with search engine marketing (SEM) and email communications implementation.
  • CentralPub - centralized publishing with decentralized distribution

    CentralPub is a patent pending communication application developed specifically for corporations that distribute and sell products and services through a dealer or franchise network of independent business owners. CentralPub gives the corporate office the ability to provide its network professionally designed digital communications pieces (newsletters, flyers, circulars, magazines, brochures, etc.) that adhere to corporate branding and quality standards yet give the independent owners the ability to customize and promote their own businesses to their local community. CentralPub also has the ability to give the dealer/franchisee complete control over its own name list and distribution.

    Case Study:

    TheHoneymoon.com has a network of independent travel agencies that service the honeymoon and destination wedding market. The vast majority of these agencies do not have a marketing departments to create and produce a digital magazine that simultaneously promotes their own business while providing entertainment and information for couples in this $20B marketplace. TheHoneymoon.com creates a digital magazine that is centrally available to each travel agency for distribution to their client base. The publication has specially designed ad pages and tool bar that promote the distributing agency.

    Benefits to the Travel Agency:
    * No expense in the creation of professionally designed and produced magazine
    * Agency is able to provide a value-added media product to its customers and prospects at no cost
    * Magazine promotes agency throughout with custom ads and identity

    Benefits to TheHoneymoon.com
    * Distribution to a qualified audience through its partners
    * Aggregated audience through its partners is over 250,000
    * Generates revenue through advertising sales

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